Dr. med. Oliver Seemann

Magneticstimulation (rTMS)

Private Practice for

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy


Dear Patients, my practice is also open in times of Corona. But of course we do not treat infected patients. So please inform the staff if you are tested positive or if suspicious symptoms occur and do not enter the practice.

It has been seen, that rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) boosts the immune system. This knowledge reinforces my longlasting efforts in promoting rTMS in the treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders (for further information check with Magneticstimulation.org).

Dr. med. Oliver Seemann

Psychiatrist – Psychotherapist

Private Practice (for rTMS): Weinstr. 3, c/o Prof. C. Franke, D-80333 München – Tel: +49 (0)179 4630768 – Email: info@psychiater.org

Since 2003 I am working on an outpatient basis for anybody and any psychiatric disease. But as the main impact of the practice is focused for about 18 years on rTMS (repetitve transcranial magnetic stimulation) you find intense information via the chapter of this headline or on the Magneticstimulation Website.

You further find the actual rating on Jameda here.